Star Wars Battle Front Full Game Review

As an avid Star Wars fan I always wanted to try out as many games as possible in the series, and while some of them were good, there were some failures as well. Does Star Wars BattleFront stand by its promises, or is the latest game in the series just another failure? Let’s find that out.

Star Wars BattleFront is a first person shooter, even though it does offer you the ability to play in third person as well. What I liked a lot about this title is the fact that you have multiple game modes to go through, and each one of them is varied enough to offer longevity for the title.

The game modes are great because in one you have massive 20v20 battles, in others you need to conquer pods, but there are also some modes where you take the role of various heroes/villains from the movies and complete objectives. My personal favorite moment is to become Darth Vader and kill the heroes on the Heroes vs Villains maps but there are many other modes to check out and all of them are amazing.

The duration of a match depends on the mode you choose, but most of the time these will not go over 20-25 minutes, with some of the capture point matches being even shorter at around 10-15 minutes tops. This means that just about every player can check these out and have fun regardless of the time he wants to invest in the game.

Being able to level up and customize your character is nice and it does manage to offer some variety, but the amount of weapons offered by the game is not that stellar. In fact, with only 11 of them and 1 that’s basically a preorder bonus, you don’t have that much weapon variety and that’s a downside for sure.

The gameplay can be repetitive sometimes especially if you tend to get good with a weapon, and it doesn’t rely that much on tactics which is a downside. Thankfully, you can create your own strategies if you want to win but there’s no real teamwork unless you play with a friend and that’s bad to be honest.

The gunplay in this game is satisfying and even though it could be better, I was impressed to see that all weapons are balanced. The DL-44, the preorder weapon was unbalanced a little bit but a patch solved that issues.
Graphics and performance

Graphically, Star Wars BattleFront is by far one of the most visually impressive titles to appear this year. The game offers amazing visuals, with the game worlds looking amazing and the best part about it is that aside from being a visual feast the title is also greatly optimize for PC.

The downside of course is that you need a powerful computer to run this game. I felt that the title does take a lot of toll on both processor and video card, with 8 GB of RAM being more than enough for the game. The maps with a lot of snow tend to be the more demanding ones.

Star Wars BattleFront is a great, action packed game that does lack complexity and more weapons. Also, the fact that they ask $50 for a season pass is a little too much, considering that the base price of the title is $60 as is, but on the other hand they do plan to add free content as well so that’s always a great sign. They can address some bugs but overall the experience is stable, as long as you have a powerful computer. You should give this game a shot if you love Star Wars, but even the Battlefield players might find this one desirable, albeit less complex at times.

Star Wars Battle Front Full Game Review
8 Total Score

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