Mad Max Full Game Review

The Mad Max movies always had an amazing world that you could peruse through, filled with tons of cool stuff and great visuals. Tons of players wanted a game based on this license and now, decades after the first few movies hit the street, we are free to road the post-apocalyptic deserts thanks to the Mad Max game created by Avalanche Studios. Is this title worth the investment though?

Right off the bat I have to say that the game has a very large open world and you are free to explore it as you see fit. Just like in the movies though, the better and most important areas are protected or found behind a fortress, so you have to arm yourself and better prepare in order to face the challenges ahead.

Since Mad Max is mostly about the post apocalyptic world and its vehicles, in Mad Max you can find a ton of cool vehicles to explore and the title actually places a lot of emphasis on vehicle combat. To be honest, there are situations in which it tends to get more like a racing game rather than anything else, however the missions do manage to spruce up the entire experience and that’s always wonderful.

Aside from Max, you won’t find yourself caring about the other characters found in this game, aside from maybe Max, which is your mechanic and which has a spider-like set of physics despite being quite old. The main car, named Magnum Opus is very easy to customize and it manages to offer you a pleasant way to change how you play while doing so.

Scavenging is also a huge part of the game, but a pleasant one since it allows you access to those precious upgrades. Car combat can be quite demanding based on my experience with the game so the more upgrades you can do to your car the better. One thing to say here is that the combat has to be focused on melee as the ammo is scarce and I usually found myself entering hand-to-hand combat rather than focusing on the shotgun. Camps are just about the only places you can find ammo, however the wasteland can also offer a few surprises.

When it comes to the hand-to-hand combat, the game does have a variety of moves and it’s quite interesting to see these tactics come to life.

Graphics and performance
Mad Max offers a very good performance even on the regular computers, but it does tend to get a little heavy on the video card side. Despite that, this game does a great job since it manages to run properly without a lot of processor usage so add in a better card if you experience issues. 4-6 GB of RAM are also enough for the game.

Graphically, Mad Max does manage to offer amazing visuals and the game world is filled with stunning vistas. It’s a massive wasteland and the design is very good. The vehicles and characters are similar to the movies, and as a whole Mad Max does deliver a lot from this standpoint.
Is this a game that’s worth your time and money? I played for more than 30 hours and I just can’t get enough of it. The wasteland offers you a strange sense of freedom and it’s just an amazing place to spend your time. If you like open world games and loved the Mad Max movies, you should check the game as well, it’s an amazing title with a whole lot of content to peruse through!

Mad Max Full Game Review
8 Total Score
Mad Max Full Game Review

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