Body for Life Full Review

Body for Life: by Bill Phillips

by: David Judy

The Shake Weight … Really?

Don’t you love to see the amount of total rubbish that is for sale with the single purpose of helping a consumer lose weight? The Shake Weight and the Gazelle … they actually sold those. I am sure that someone somewhere spent a lot of effort trying to use them with the belief that in the end it would be effective. With only a few minutes a day they would have the body of their dreams. Hard to believe the stuff that people will believe, buy, and try but it’s true.

Body for Life by Bill Phillips is not a new book on the market but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a simple, effective, and time-tested system for losing weight and getting a better body. Bill Phillips created this book as part of a contest he hosted for his highly successful supplement company, EAS. In the contest he challenged contestants to see just how much they could improve their body in a short, 12-week period. Originally the winner was supposed to win a Lamborghini, but in the end he sold the car and all the finalists each received a Corvette. The results were impressive in all areas, including weight loss and muscle gain.

This book couldn’t be more simple in its advice and tactics to help you get to a great (or better) body. You will not be overwhelmed with technical data, spiritual enlightenment, or ancient herbal techniques to drop 20 pounds in six minutes from the couch. The book is refreshingly realistic in its approach to both losing weight and building muscle. It will walk you briefly though some items to get you ready for the intensity of what you need and to sell you on the idea that it’s all worth it, then it tells you what to do and how to do it.

Bill Phillips didn’t invent this system nor did he perfect it; he takes a system that has been used successfully by body builders for many years and packages it perfectly so that it’s easy to understand and to follow from beginning until the end. The diet portion is simple and easy to understand with a complete list of foods that you can buy and use; no junk on this list. The foods that you have to choose from are all very natural and fat free and are perfectly proportioned to make them effective at the desired task. You use those ingredients to prepare and to consume six small meals a day. These meals are going to need to be specific and well planned to give you the fuel to maintain energy levels through the day while allowing you to build muscle and lose weight.

Again, the concept of this isn’t new. When you feed the body on a regular basis (six small meals a day) it no longer tries to store fat for reserve use. The great thing about that, as Bill Phillips will explain, is you ramp up your metabolism and begin burning the stored fat you have on your body, since the foods you’re eating on the program have been specifically chosen to exclude such fats. The regular food keeps you from ever really feeling hungry and provides a high level of protein to help you build muscles during your suggested workout routines. It is truly the perfect and most realistic diet that a person can use for true and long-lasting weight loss.

There are weight training exercises outlined in the book, but I know from experience that this is really only one opinion and you can in fact do other workouts with even greater effectiveness. Where the suggested Body for Life option shines is in the fact that it is done in the same way that the diet is done, super simple and easy to understand. Gyms are not for everyone, and to do the included workout you will need to have a gym or a substantial amount of personal equipment. For many people the suggested exercises will be perfect because they will hit every body part and will do it in a way that minimizes the time you spend on the workout itself.

Body for Life is an ideal book for that person who isn’t looking for a shortcut and wants lasting results. Still, this is only a 12-week commitment. Depending where you are on the health scale you can do some amazing things in that short period of time. If you are more overweight then it’s still just as effective, but you may need to do the 12-week program three or four times to see the end results you are after. The great thing is it offers the coveted quick solution we all love but with real, lasting results. That is the real selling point of the book; it works and it works really well.

  • Simple
  • Diet is complete with shopping list
  • You have a community built around Body for Life
  • Contest still runs
  • Workout is pre-made and simple
  • It works

  • Almost too simple … I guess that can be a con
  • Workout included is oversold but does work



The bottom line is that if you want to eat chips and sit on the couch and wake up with a six pack from a pill that you take, keep looking. If you want to do the work, have health results that will last over the long term and just need a road map, buy Body for Life by Bill Phillips.

Body for Life Full Review
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Body for Life: The most realistic way to Lose weight

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